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The unique conductor, composer, pianist
David Stanhope
has given us several world premieres of great unknown works of the piano digitally transcribed to the orchestra.  Among the works is the last movement of Leopold Godowsky’s monumental piano sonata and the Passacaglia.  As Mr. Stanhope says in his liner notes, “Few ears, even those of an expert, are likely to notice the difference between an actual orchestra and a digital one like my orchestra if not told beforehand.”  

I have listened in great detail and I was deeply moved by Mr. Stanhope’s work. I did not know that this kind of technology could be so successful and convincing.  Bravo to Mr. Stanhope and we should be thankful for his unique imaginations and skills in bringing these beautiful works for the world to enjoy in such a fresh manner. The last two works on the cd are two of Mr. Stanhope’s original compositions performed for the Asian Games of 2006.

The CD is available from Tall Poppies Records

Please also visit for more information about his work.  
–Antonio Iturrioz

StanHope CD Cover


The first biography of Leopold Godowsky,
The Pianists’ Pianist
by Jeremy Nicholas, published in 1989 (APR) and revised in 2014, should be in every pianist’s and musician’s library.  Highly recommended.


International Piano Archives at Maryland Godowsky Collection


Vladimir N. Drozdoff
Pianist/Composer from the Golden Age


Godowsky site by Tzvetan Konstantinov


Leopold Godowsky III


Here is a link to hear: Triakontameron played by Godowsky on piano rolls -Restored by John Duffy.


Kasp Records WebSite


The Ronald Stevenson Society

********************************* - A brilliant composer who writes in many styles, one of which is post-Romantic. Many of his pieces echo Godowsky.

Video Lecture Series on Godowsky Paraphrases -- David Stanhope talks about and plays the Chopin Etudes paraphrased by Godowsky. They are done by individual chapters and highly educational and fascinating.

MarchandMusic. - James Marchand is a pianist-composer who who has written many pieces for the left hand alone.

Alfred-Watson.Com - Alfred Watson is a pianist-composer who writes in the post-Romantic style.

Daniel Glover Pianist.Com  - This is a link to recordings of Daniel Glover, one of the best pianists around, who specializes in post-Romantic music and music that is rarely played.  He is also the editor for Dover Editions.

Dover Publications - Daniel Glover, Editor   - This is a link to Daniel Glover’s Dover Editions.  There is a treasure of unknown works, one of which is the Lullaby of Brahms arranged by Godowsky.

Claus Nyvang Kristensen Discographies - Discography of Godowsky's Passacaglia

Claus Nyvang Kristensen Discographies - Discography of Godowsky's Studies on Chopin's Etudes - Dr. Wayne Bethanis, PhD. Mus. - Performer, Actor, and Composer